This lecture shows how to use Loom tack™ to print fabric on an inkjet printer. These instructions are too included with each revolve of Loom tack™.

In This video tutorial will guide you in fabric printing with smooth shade and color. This textile printing is done in textile industries. Once a time it was done with handmade stencil but now the textile printing machinery work in place of worker. It brought modernity in the field of industries but on the other hand it too made the workers useless. These machines can do almost all types of function itself.

Profession and Method to Print at Home

It is extremely old profession and method to print at home, the ancient peoples used to print the material at home with similar skill. They use stencil which are engraved with magnificent design. These stencils can be transferred on to textiles by meshing with different color. If you want to print the textile at home or anywhere, fill the printer with required color and be relevant it on the fabric smoothly.

print fabric

If you are printing a few kind of design that take huge care in design setting. Don’t repeat the design again and again, it looks rude and rigid. The design printing should handle the edge and bend carefully, because sometimes it is wrong printed since of unnecessary design. Continue the design setting from top to bottom in a straight way. Through this method you can print well with time saving period. Select the design according to the cloth width and length.

The dying roller is also used for this act and you can print plenty of clothes through this easy technique. These are some basic and useful techniques that are used in printing fabrics. Most of you are familiar to this method. For more, watch the following video.