This video tutorial is about how to prepare the T-shirt for the screen printing and how to prepare the stencil for the screen printing which you have already created on the screen. First of all put some kind of paper like newspaper having double or triple folds in the t-shirt so that the ink can not reach the back side of your t-shirt.

Then make sure that your screen should be well placed on the proper place of the t-shirt which has to be printed. Remember, Screen Printing is quite an easy thing to do once you learn the short tips you will be able to print any thing like the glass, cards, clothes, wood, metallic and plastic made things in many other articles.

This tutorial is specifically here for some other kind of printing. In this useful tutorial of screen printing we are teaching you about how to create wolf mask on transparent material using screen printing method. We have already transparent material of sketched wolf shape. We shall use it for printing and we are making it through traditional method of printing.

The right method for applying emulsion is holding the scoop “coater” and apply it from lower to upper side. Once we have applied the emulsion then keep it for exposing under certain pressure. When it completely dried, then wash it with water pressure pipe and apply water pressure in every corner for the sake of perfect result. Now it is ready for printing over T-shirt or other medium so repeat same process of printing for T-shirt printing. You can use this wolf print for game purpose also. Anyhow watch this video to learn about this technique of wolf printing.