Welcome to high quality screen printing learning. This free screen printing video tells you how to prepare screen with frame and mesh in screen printing.

There are many types of frames in screen printing for preparing screen printing screens the classical screen printing frames are made up of wood, the modern frames are made up of aluminum and now the most advance shape of aluminum frame is available with mesh stretching edges in these screen printing frame you do not need nails or glue you just have to placed the mesh on the frame with proper size and shape and rest of the work is just to put the edges of the frame with a pulling device which light and easy to operate mechanical instrument.

Stretch the Mesh Easily

In this screen printing video you will see how to stretch the mesh easily and perfectly on the screen printing frame for perfect screen printing like professional screen printers. Here in this screen printing lesson we shall use the Aluminum manual screen printing frame, this frame is with edges which are attached to one another but are free to move on their axes and this mechanism helps in mesh stretching and thus we get best screen for screen printing process. For more details of this process watch this free screen printing video.