Posters Printing: Screen printing offers you to get print from simple screen with stencil and stretching emulsion. The screen is actually made up of thin gauzy fabric tied with frame. The frame is sometime of platinum, wooden frames. The screen which has tight fabric setting is assumed as the best for screen printing. Always choose that screen which has absorbing ability of emulsion.

The stencil or negative is used for obtaining print for your project. The screen is kept in screen stand and then place stencil in reverse position for poster. You can fix it with magic tape, and then apply emulsion or ink for obtaining printing sketch in screen surface. The emulsion is form of specific chemical for screen printing and you get it from market easily.

Posters Printing

The scoop coater is used for stretching and applying emulsion. When emulsion is going to dry, keep it into screen exposing device and it will dry the screen in short time. It all depends upon your emulsion application, the exposing device works with timer and dry the screen within short time.

Next Step

The next step is to wash it, but here one tip is necessary to mention, use gel for removing emulsion easily. If you have access to get gel then it is good for removing emulsion. After this, apply heavy pressure of water on screen with such skill that it made clear the screen.

The card board is used for drying moisture from screen or keeps it for a while in sunlight. Now final step is to transfer it on any medium but here we are going to print poster, therefore use page for printing media. The screen can be used again after first use, so wash it properly that nothing remaining content is left on screen. The video link below is showing you printing process for poster printing.