Tonya Hill shows you the photo emulsion method for screen printing. This is screen printing videos are the best on website, clear concise and gracious instructions for people now starting out. So frustrated with people who expect you to know loads previously.

screen printing photo emultion

I have done a bit of screen printing over the years but only with stencils on a homemade silk screen, the results were grand but I want to go more advanced. This video has given me the help I require!

This has got to be the best video I have seen and extremely well presented…So grateful as I’m now starting out getting each and every one the kit for silk screen printing and it’s such a relief to see that it CAN BE DONE with the minimum of fun or expensive products/equipment etc …thanks for putting the fun back into it…as I found every one the other videos left me emotion quite daunted..Good job…does this channel do some more on screen printing?