Screen printing frames

Screen printing is business field of Art and designing screen printing is admired and recognized all around the world as one of the best field and skill career opportunity that runs at your own. Here we offer you to learn this business skill of screen printing for free and then you can start your own home business of screen printing. If you only count any of its application branches for example in games and sports the screen printing of the sport kits of all sorts then you will find vastness of the seven oceans with respect to profit and market’s supply and demand. Here in this screen printing learning website you can learn all the process of screen printing and in this screen printing video you will learn how to make screen printing frame.


Well making a frame for screen printing is not a very tough job. You can easily make a screen printing frame with wooden material. Wooden frame are classical type of the most commonly used frame in the screen printing all over the world. If you make a good frame of a good king of wood and then take good care of it from water, damage etc then a wooden can frame can last for decade with you in screen printing. In Fact there are frames in many screen printing studios which are 30 to 40 year old. To learn how to make screen printing frames watch this free screen printing tutorial now.

There are two types of screen printing frames

which are the most popular wooden frames and aluminum frames. The wooden frames are the most used ones. The biggest reason that they are cheap and there is no chance that these frame will get corroded whereas there are low quality aluminum frames which are not made actually by aluminum and get corroded more over they are also less injurious. Aluminum frame are also cheap, they are not as heavy as the wooden frames, these are light in weight and most importantly they are long lasting frames keep the mesh stretched better than wooden frames.

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum Frames

There is third type of frame these are little bit expensive and made keeping in view to maintain the tension of the mesh when ever it loses tension. These are also made up of aluminum but there is a pulling mechanism at the vertices and mesh can be stretched to maximum tension with this. But there frame making is so easy that you can make them at home also. Watch this free tutorial video and learn how. Watch its second part also.