In this below video tutorial you will learn a complete process for screen printing. Keep in your mind that you will learn at that time when you have all material for the screen printing. First of all you choose a correct mesh count for stretching on block.

Because, generally mesh count selection is early step in screen printing, there are many types of mesh as 120 T or 110 and so many. mesh count depends upon your design, if your design is thick or dull then you will need low mesh count as 110 mesh count or less then and if your design is a type of halftone then your selection of mesh count must to be high mesh count because mesh affects to your printing results.

Mesh Stretching Process : 

In this process you will require strong power glue for mesh stretching on block. Put the mesh on frame and then use glue. After using the glue you should wait 5 or 10 minutes for drying each and every time. After stretching cut the over mesh which out of frame. Pick up the screen and go to the washing place and wash out the screen. In this case you can use dish cleaner to clean the screen. The dish cleaner, Drop over the screen and rub it slowly with little foam piece after this wash out the screen with water pressure. For drying the screen you can use hair dryer or wait about half hour.

Mesh Stretching Process

Preparing of the Emulsion :

In this work you will need 2 empty bottles. One for dissolve the diazo powder and second for mixing of the sensitive emulsion. The bottle should dark color, no light can go inside. That is because the emulsion is light sensitive. Use warm water (about 100 ml) to dissolve the diazo powder. The ratio is about, 90 % white emulsion plus 10 % sensitizer (diazo liquid). Some  Prepared emulsion put the top of screen and then use a squeegee or use a card board piece. Coat the screen to both sides. After coating process dry the screen carefully, you can use a heater to dry up the emulsion or you can also use a hair dryer. Use water to clean the scoop. Keep the emulsion cool and dark area. Then you can reuse later.

Preparing of the Emulsion

Expose the Screen:

In this video, we are using the halogen lamp (solar light). For the best result you should use UV lamp. The film should place mirrored. You can use tracing paper to print your image from computer. For better result, you should find output company to output the film. You can print image on tracing paper. For bigger screen, two lamps will be better. However you can hold the lamp in left for 8 minutes and then move to right for 8 minutes. You may expose the screen under the sun light. After lighting process un clutch the screen and go away to washing room and wash out the screen with little water pressure. After washing process dry the screen completely.  When your screen dried totally then use carton tape to seal the borders of screen. Fix your screen for printing procedure.

Expose the Screen

Printing Method :

If you want a T shirt print then you must be put the shirt flat below the screen. Spread the prepared paste on the top of screen. Use squeegee and drag the paste. When you will drag the paste then below the screen you will see a beautiful print on T shirt. Keep in your mind you can many print this method. You can print plastic, stone, iron, document , paper, wedding cards, seminar cads, wooden piece, ceramics plates, school bags, women hand bags, cloth and fabric with screen.