ITMA 2003 next to Birmingham, UK, throughout October 2003 noticeable the opening of a numeral of get through developments for digital printing on textiles and the commencement of manufacture digital fabric printing of backyard merchandise. The key developments concerned companies by means of substantial knowledge structure con- ventional fabric printing apparatus, counting Ichinose, Reggiani, Robustelli, and Zimmer.


ยท DuPont Ink Jet exhibited two of its Artistri 2020 printers by means of its Japanese associate and mechanism designer, Ichinose Toshin Kogyo Co. Ltd. The Artistri 2020 uses 16 Seiko Instruments PIJ print heads prearranged through eight heads on every of two gantries. This pattern enables the employ of two dissimilar ink types or via the similar ink on together gantries for better manufacture velocity. The machine prints rolls of material up to 1.8m wide at print declaration of 600 dpi at a manufacture tempo of concerning 30m2/hr. Its roll-to-roll cement print coverlet organization enables printing on wicker, and knits, counting elastomeric fabrics.


The Artistri arrangement and inks be able to print on nylon, silk, cotton, polyester and blend resources counting DuPont Lycra blends. The 2020 stood out on or after additional manufacture inkjet printers since its 2020 strategy were printing pigmented and scatter coloring ink sets whilst spirited strategy were printing less demanding acid and unthinking dyes. DuPont as well obtainable thread unthinking and acid ink sets for its inkjet printers. DuPontTM ArtistriTM inks are accessible in cyan, magenta, yellow, black, glow cyan, beam magenta, carroty and blue for unthinking dye; cyan, magenta, yellow, black, glow cyan, light magenta, red and blue for go away dye and coloring; and cyan, magenta, yellow, black, red, blue, green, orange, glowing yellow and glowing red for acid dye. The DuPont dyes necessitate post-print fixing classically used for conservative material printing. The Artistri scheme as well includes the DuPontTM ArtistriTM Color Manage and Management System (CCMS) and RIP software. ITMA manifest the appearance as of beta difficult and the profitable start on of the Artistri 2020. Via February 2006, DuPont had located concerning 160 Artistri 2020 printers in locations approximately the globe. Symbol and poster manufacturers in adding to additional manufactured goods samples and little to average manufacture fabric printers have acquired this machine.