Stamp making is a small business often done by solo performers, usually considered as a confidential job and has always been hidden from normal society because of the sensitivity of this business. Most of the Governments don’t allow stamp making business in their countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Italy and maybe many more without registration and authentication of Governments. Almost all of the countries have laws regarding stamp making business. Even in Pakistan where I live, there is a law from Government that all stamp makers are strictly forbidden to fabricate an official stamp without authority letter of higher authorities of related department. In private sector it is also an admitted fact that stamp maker don’t make a stamp for someone who is not the actual person of being made stamp.


Most of the people think about stamp making business that it requires some kind of machines however it is not. Stamp making is just handicraft requires no special equipment or extraordinary money at all.

Nylon or rubber stamping, also named stamping, is a skill in which a few types of inks prepared of dye or pigment is pertained to a text, image or pattern that has been carved, molded, laser engraved or vulcanized, onto a piece of nylon or rubber sheet. The rubber or nylon is mostly mounted onto a new firm object like a wood handle, plastic or any solid material or an acrylic slab to create a more solid appliance. The ink layered rubberstamp is then pressed onto any type of surface like that the dyed image has now been shifted to the surface. The medium is usually some type paper. Other media used are: wood, metal, glass, plastic, rock. High volume batik uses liquid wax instead of ink on a metal stamp.

In commercial manner nylon or rubber stamps can be divided into three categories:

1.      stamps for use in the office

2.      Stamps used for decorating objects

3.      Stamps used as children’s toys.

Rubber_stamps_small biznessThe signatures on official documents are verified using a stamp in Europe, Asia and most of the countries of world. An extreme Care must be taken to not to misplace or misuse these stamps, because possessing the stamp would let falsification of official documents.

Company stamps are as well called company chop in the majority Asian countries. “Chop” in this background is in fact resulting from the Malay word cap.

Passport stamps are a widespread use of very important official nylon stamps,


Nylon stamps for business are custom made, screening an address, a business logo or something comparable, or they are gotten ready-made. They frequently have moving parts that let the user to adjust the number, date or the words, letters or digits of the stamp. They are still frequently used to date received mail, memos and similar items, in addition to indicate special conduct of the document. According to the report of Wikipedia,