Here we shall introduce you with Serigrafia Pioner. It is the latest development in screen printing process. Many changes were brought after initial and basic medium of printing. Now-a-day, one can perform this operation with latest and advanced technology of printing. These machines are very easy to use and it works even in place of workers in factories. You just have to put the medium or material for printing on the screen of this machine.

Rest of procedure will be automatically handled by this machine.

This machine is very big in shape and it has automatic scoop cotter there which helps it to stretch the emulsion on the medium. It is the fastest way of printing on larger scale without any problem but quite accuracy.

This machine is invented and produced by popular electronic company “hp”. Its different and faster work impressed the people more and more. They are turning toward it because of quick approach with accurate result. It has succeeded very much in industries and also less consumed. The format of this machine is quite similar with photo-state machine but still with all these characteristics, it is being used extremely for silk screen printing.

It has capacity for printing bigger sheet of any medium with success in short period of time with large quantity. The basic design is still made on computer with design developing software. You would have seen this printed stuff market, shops and shopping malls. The following video is describing about how Serigrafia Pioner works, so watch this video to learn its uses.