You have read about simple printing process with silk screen printing in previous tutorials.

This method is belonged to traditional method of screen printing and also reasonable for all users. But with the passage of time, the modern techniques were brought into history of screen printing. The automatic machine take place of traditional screen printing but still many people rejected it because of out of range.

The modern screen printing machine was Yudu which is complete printing press in itself although it was small, indeed very small but contains multiple functions. The Yudu printing machine has a size of DVD player or say Laptop. It provides you quick and easy work in matter of seconds. There is screen plate inside it and having lighting system for exposing of screen inward the lid.

The emulsion applied screen is put into yudu and its lighting system helps the screen in exposing. The timer attached with yudu helps it to count the minute for exposing. When it dried, it is washed with normal pressure of water and you get the desired result. The Yudu printing has made the man free from long fatigue of different operation.

It nearly does whole process it self and also source of less time consumption. Although yudu does various functions but still screen printing workers recommend to use traditional screen printing because it is reasonable in price and can be easily used by everyone. The video link about how to yudu works is given in the bottom of this tutorial so watches the video and learns about yudu’s function.