How to textile printing media graph deco frame 1051Screen printing is not only used for T-shirt, visiting card, screen printing label and pamphlet and stamp but it also support in industry for textile printing. It is very common and most useable application of screen printing and created in many textile industries at large silk screen printing. The textile printing design is first created and selected by screen printing techniques and its stencil is latterly being used in developing of textile. You can get the design from any search engine or web browser and then obtain it at any transparent material for printing on larger scale. You can edit the design by using editing software as Adobe Photoshop and other where you can create design of your own choice. In this part we are teaching you about how to textile printing is being supported with screen printing and what is required in the preparation of such printing. We are going to mention here the requirements of textile printing, T-shirt to check the print on, and colorant which is prepared by mixing different color together. You can also learn about how to make colorant for your printing and can find it in our previous tutorials. Moreover, this video contains simple idea of textile printing and you will understand it well if you are familiar with screen printing before. Watch this video about textile printing in silk screen printing with simple technique and perform it at home.