In the newest educational silk screen printing video by Catspit Productions, LLC we get a look at a few tips and advice from Jonathan about how to set up for silk screen printing sleeves on a manual rotary screen-printing press for textiles.

In the video tutorial you’ll get to see the 2 unusual methods of how to load a sleeve print onto the pallet and how this can have an effect on the way you print or what precautions to consider.

Get Jonathans personal tips on how he loads most of his sleeve printing jobs every why. This is one of those videos you’ll require to pay attention to what Jonathan is saying so grab a hot cocoa and sit down in learning mode and get the most out of these professional silk screen printing tips for printing t shirts.

See the differences I now you burn the screen for the 2 different loading methods and how one method can be dangerous for very light colored Tee shirts. Learn how to silk screen print for fun or for profit!