Here you are being introduced about some special use of a tool using in screen printing. If you are learning screen printing, then you will definitely familiar with squeegee. The squeegee is used mostly in screen printing workshop otherwise you can also use substitute of this tool in our personal workshop. The squeegee is something like a duster which is used to squeeze the emulsion or ink and at the same time absorbs water at screen washing. There is rubber ball or blade on the one end of the squeegee. It enables the emulsion to stretch over the screen. It is also called scoop coater so don’t worry to listen some saying scoop coater instead of squeegee. It is filled full of emulsion or ink and apply full coat or stroke on the screen. The squeegee is of different colors and sizes, so if you have to print big text, then choose such squeegee which covered the data properly.Another thing is that apply several strokes on the screen instead of single if you are going to print large image. It is suggested because the screen could absorb the ink properly and print the image with fine and shiny result. Choose outclass squeegee and don’t hesitate, it is not much luxurious and once you bought it, it will make you fluent in your work as well as save your time. The video related to this tutorial is linked below, so watch this video and learn more.

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