I’m the owner plus founder of Stickers giant and nowadays I desire to tell you concerning spot color printing versus four color process printing.

be going to start by means of spot color printing first, by distant the majority popular type of sticker we print is spot color printing – probably 80-90% of our stickers are spot color. There are a few advantages: spot color stickers previous longer plus are less expensive.

This is an instance of a one color sticker black on a white sticker substrate for Zombie solid Claw. This is an example for Gold’s Gym of a two color label black and yellow. Very durable extremely inexpensive with a standard circle shape. Here’s an example of a four spot color sticker, not four color procedure, other than four spot colors. Yellow, red, black and blue colors in this sticker. They’re every one separate and none of the colors are combined to make other colors.


That’s one of the characteristics of mark color printing, we don’t blend the colors jointly very often to make other colors. This is an unbelievable high end four spot color sticker. Their dies scratch on a removable pallid vinyl. It’s got four particular colors. A fantastic sticker. This sticker is a extremely long lasting sticker for my friends at Tech Cocktail – Frank Rubber, Eric Olsen huge guys, create a great drink. So as to is Spot color printing. The advantages are its less expensive. It’s longer lasting, that ink when we print spot color we can print silk screen so the ink is thicker on the substrate so it’s going to lasts longer in the intense sunlight.


The additional kind of printing we do, plus we do it actually healthy, is four color process printing. Four color processes uses the similar four inks always: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Those four colors – Cyan, basically a light blue, Magenta, a dark red, yellow and black. Those are combined together to create thousands of colors. This is an illustration of my friend Dave Taylor; he does online tech support, an outstanding resource. Four colors, four color processes, combined to create thousands of colors. This…

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