You will have seen about magic sticker, do you know where they are designed? Don’t know? These stickers an poster are also designed with same technique of printing in screen printing. It is very famous application of screen printing. This technique is well-known all over the world in screen printing. Some other kinds of printing materials are visiting cards, for advertisement and promotion purpose. There are different size and shape for stickers and they are especially designed for children. They use these stickers for pasting on their books and notebooks. If you buy shoes from Bata or Service, they give their company stickers for advertisement as well as many other gifts. These stickers are pasted on books or any other medium after separating back adhesive paper.

Stickers are the fastest way for promotion and publicity of any company. When any company launches new products, their ads and posters seems everywhere. They do that only for the advertisement and increasing their sale. Using custom screen printing process you can print thousands of stickers with single stencil. I think it is not necessary to mention here complete process of how to print sticker in detail because we have illustrated it in many tutorials. Watch the given video about sticker printing with screen printing technique and see how quickly a guy is printing a lot of sticker within minute.

How to silk screen sticker printing