Learn here on this site about all kind of screen printing process. This site is offering you this opportunity to learn screen printing by taking help from tutorials. Here is another tutorial describing screen printing method with quick overview. Maybe there are some steps which are not taken in this video so do it as well at home and don’t miss them because we are using QuickTime screen printing process.

The first step in screen printing is creating artwork process, so you can use Adobe Photoshop for creating artwork and design. In case of multi-color image, you have to split the image into different layers. When the artwork is ready for printing, take an Epson with RIP software for obtaining print. The next step in screen printing is preparation of screen. Before using screen for printing, first of all, degrease the screen so that previous emulsion application washed out.


Keep this screen for drying in front of electric fan for a few minutes. Apply emulsion on both sides of screen and then place stencil with scotching tape and keep it under some specific load in different units. There are multiple methods for exposing by different peoples. When the screen is fully exposed, wash the screen completely for minutes to unexpose the artwork. Dry out the dampness with paper now it is ready for regular printing.


Using T-shirt Printings stand and put a shirt there under the screen and apply emulsion. The print will be transferred onto shirt in no time. Dry the print by passing the shirt from dryer. So finally shirt is ready for use. Watch this brief overview of screen printing and learn more.