The screen printing is comprehensive and cheapest way to print out any thing. The silk screen printing presses are also using these methods for basic printing designs, and then develop them from printing machine. There are many methods for printing, like simple traditional screen frames, screen printing garage, silkscreen printing boards and yudu also.

Very few people are familiar to yudu; it is a mini printing machine which has the entire requirements in just one single machine. But here we shall brief you about screen printing garage press. The garage printing press has almost every elements related to screen printing. You can say that screen printing garage is like a small screen printing factory.

All the equipments are available although in alternative shape but useful. There are silk screen frame, screen holding frame, the frame catcher with screw system, scoop coater, the magic tap and the lighting bulb. It contains nearly all the tools of screen printing and you can use them for proper printing. You can use garage screen printing at home. It is the best printing method for average people to start their business at smaller scale. On the same hand you can earn the money with silk screen printing at home. You can print all types of printing with this general method.