T-shirt is a common dress for ladies and gents now a day at the same time. You have seen these printed shirts with colorful design and images. Sometimes one can design or print an image of one own choice. All of this is surprising but you don’t need to be surprise. It is very easy task that even you can adopt and perform. The T-shirt is printed through screen printing process. There are few main steps to print these shirts. First of all screen should be availed there at the time of printing which is necessary too for this purpose. Secondly, emulsion or ink is required to apply it on the screen for obtaining print. The print design can be made in any editing software and then get it on plastic or transparent material.

The emulsion is applied on the screen after placing stencil onto it. The sketch is moved to screen and then screen is washed out to get the desired sketch. Keep it for a while for drying out and then take neat and clean T-shirt for printing.How To Screenprint Your T-shirtsThe traditional method for T-shirt printing is that keeps this shirt on the flat clean surface, otherwise use proper place. Coat the screen once or twice and the print will be there on the T-shirt. Pass this shirt from steam machine and it will be ready to wear or sale. The following video will show you final look of the process.