This site is here to guide you completely about screen printing matters. It contain all the supported screen printing techniques here, there are all learning tutorials about screen printing methods.
The screen printing needs scoop coater for coating the emulsion for getting stencil sketch. The stencil is put on screen and adjusts it with magic tape. The thick scoop coater is applied on screen with in horizontal position. The screen absorbs all the emulsion in short period of time and it is ready for exposing. The exposing of screen can be done by custom exposing method as well as keeping it in screen exposing machine. The exposing machine is now in use frequently at larger scale because it saves ones time. The timer is attached with exposing machine or box and you can adjust the time setting for exposing of your screen. There is alarm with timer which is rung when the screen exposes. The next step is there to wash out the screen.
screen-printing-screen-washThe screen is made up of smooth and soft mesh and it can not bear any intensity, therefore be careful while using machine for applying emulsion or exposing purpose. The expert use specific gel for cleaning the emulsion nicely and then wash it out with water flow. In screen printing workshop, there is proper stand for keep screen at erect position at washing stage. You have to just keep the screen in it well and with pipe pressure wash the screen on both sides. Apply the pressure till the screen wash clearly. Then next step is to get the desired print on any medium and that’s it. The video link is also attached with tutorial to show you washing procedure visually.