This tutorial will help you to learn how to prepare a stencil for screen printing and then use it in regular printing. The printing belongs to creator’s idea therefore it requires some reference image for this purpose. We need these items for obtaining stencil.

Reference image, scissor and knife and when we shall use it for printing then the custom material will be used. The first thing is to cut the stencil for screen printing. Mark the required cut area with scotch tape and cut it nicely with scissor.

Use knife to cut out unwanted area and edges of the image. Go ahead along the scotch tape area and you will cut the desired image. The scotch tape will help you to cut the required image area easily. Once you cut the stencil from reference image then next step is to use it for your screen printing. Place this stencil in prostrate position and fix it with magic tape.

Then place the screen in center over fabric. It is ready for printing. The emulsion is already here we have and it is required to apply emulsion in the center position only because the stencil is also in center. Pour a thin layer of emulsion in the center and use squeegee to stretch it nicely over the screen. Apply this process till the screen absorbed the ink in it.

The fabric is placed under the screen as medium for printing. The printing will be there on the fabric in no time. Lift the screen and see the result, you have done the job successfully. Now we again print out second image with first print. Use different emulsion this time to feel the difference between both designs. Use squeegee again for pulling and pushing of ink over the screen. When you think that ink is dried, then lift the screen and check out the result. It is very simple technique to print out T-shirt in this way with multiple color combination. You can try this method of screen printing at home. For more tutorials about screen printing, subscribe for this site.