This free tutorial video is about screen printing “the screen printing of bottles”. Screen printing bottles is a wide spread application of screen printing. All the plastic or glass and metallic bottle have screen prints on them and the screen printed designs are more durable than other labeling or designing method.

Now what you require for screen printing bottle? Here we shall discuss about how to screen print plastic bottles:

A stenciled screen,


Clean and clear bottles but there base should be like one shown in the free tutorial video.
Rotating mill for bottles,

preading colorants,

A drier


Prepare the stencil on the screen with photo emulsion method. Then put you screen in a clamp to hold it firmly.set the rotating mill on a table with a very regular and slow speed infact the speed of the rotation should be equal to the speed your squeegee moves the colorant.

Fit the bottles in the mill from their head side under the stenciled screen. When the mill rotates the bottle, the upcoming ink from the screen creates stencil on the bottle for an over view watch this free tutorial video.