This tee shirt printing video tutorial video is for the beginners of the professional tee shirts screen printers. You will see that how tee shirt designs are made in screen printing. You will notice that whole screen printing business can be managed in space like room.

For a small home business screen printing is the best choice whether it is tee shirt printing, card printing, metallic or plastic screen printing etc. it is up to your choice or the demand you have most around you.

Make Your Setting

If you have a room space and you are doing professional screen printing, then make your setting as:

  1. First of all you should have a shelf with partitions to keep the screens; it can be wooden or metallic frame shelf.
  2. A cupboard for keeping Photo emulsion, colorants, squeegee, scoop coater, etc in right and place separately.
  3. The exposing unit or if you are using flood light bulb should be away from the paint washing tub.
  4. The drier should be placed near the place where you finally screen print. As soon as you screen print a shirt place it on the belt of drier and it will pass through the drier and be collected on other side in some bucket etc.

Final setting are made by you these are the only suggestions watch this video for a quick over view of tee shirt printing.