Christmas Cards, Invitation cards and Eid Cards are the greeting cards which are the most sending cards to family, friends and loved ones. We shall tell you how to make these greeting cards by your own with screen printing beautiful design of your own choice on these Cards. For example you find a very beautiful image and you want a greeting card for sending your friends with that design on it.

You can screen print design on simple card papers and make your custom greeting cards for all friends. Or you can simply make the screen printed business or visiting cards also for business. Screen printing cards is a great thing to do for business especially for those people who are jobless and they have little investment.

Christmas Cards

They can earn a lot of profit with little investment in screen printing and we shall IshaAllah provide full screen printing training for free. What you need is just small steps. This lesson is very important for you if want to screen print custom greeting cards business or fun for Christmas and other events etc.


You need a wooden or metallic frame or a big embroidery frame, a silk mesh to stretch over the frame, water or oil paint colors, photo emulsion paint with Potassium dichromate as sensitizer, greeting card paper, squeegee and scoop coater, a bulb up to 500 to 1000 watts and plastic tape for water proofing.

Screen Printing Process Overview


    1. Stretch the silk mesh on the frame tightly; it should be evenly stretched with maximum tension using nails etc. the make its edges and side water proof with tape and your screen is now ready.
    2. The photo emulsion mixed and homogenized with the sensitizer should be coated on the screen with scoop coater prepared in the last step but in dark place as photo emulsion should not opened to light.
    3. Get the Photostatted copy of design on transparent paper but the design area should be totally opaque and dark.
    4. Once the coated screen is dried, place the transparent paper with black design on the screen and then expose it to the light for sufficient time so that the photo emulsion is totally hardened.
    5. Then turn the bulb, removes the paper from the screen and after five minute wash it with pressure spray of water. This removes the photo emulsion under the design giving out the stencil on the screen.
    6. Now place the greeting card paper under the screen and color it with squeegee. That is it your design is ready now keep the cards to dry.