This free video tutorial is here to teach you about some techniques of screen printing artwork. The screen printing provides you comprehensive way for printing. The screen printing is done through proper design selection; if you have already selected the design then it is much better otherwise follow some tips about screen printing design.

You can find these designs from many sites online, search for screen printing design and you will find the result in a matter of second allowing you to choose design for your printing. You can get this soft copy on page or negative via printer. The design will transfer onto that page. We shall use this design as a stencil for printing.

These stencils and designs are mostly chosen for T-shirt printing because today the young generation is following the design frequently, and they use fashion and style in every way either in talking, walking, laughing or wearing. They have their own ideal like the Filmy heroes; they copy their style in real life.

Today most of designs and styles are because of these actors. You can say that there Television is main source of creating fashion. The quotation on T-shirt printing is worth for reading, some of them are very funny whereas other is written for morals in decent way.

When you take a print onto paper, make sure that this paper is transparent and light can pass through them. The stencil is important factor for printing and it helps to create image of object through coated photo emulsion. For more learning this video is here for your complete guidance.