The screen has ability to absorb the emulsion; therefore it will squeeze the emulsion quickly. The emulsion needs exposition after applying, so it is kept in front of sunlight or other exposing machine. If you are working in screen printing workshop, then you will have definitely screen exposing box.

It is a kind of exposing machine which has light system inside the box. It is quite similar to the actual box and there is timer along with this box. The timer tells you about how much time the screen needs for exposing. Adjust the time for exposing and it will alarm when the screen will exposed.Screen Printing offers you to get print comprehensively onto T-shirt, school Badge and Rubber stamps.

Remove Emulsion? Screen Printing

Screen Printing Provides Facility

The screen printing provides facility to get all the necessary and fine printing with easy way and at low level of cost. The screen is used as main component for printing. The emulsion is applied on the screen with scoop coater. It also requires much technique to apply emulsion on the screen smoothly in downward position. A thick coat of emulsion is the best for better result.

The exposed screen is now ready for washing out. There are many ways to wash the screen. You can simple wash it under the water tap, free flow of water or water spray. If you have access to water spray, then it is the best source for screen washing. Keep the screen in erect position and apply water pressure on it with normal speed. Apply it on the every corner of screen in upward and downward position.

Screen Printing Provides Facility

After some time it will show the required result under the emulsion. When it cleared well, then it is ready for transferring the content on the plastic or wood material. The screen applying emulsion and screen exposing is the major components in screen printing and it is little bit difficult to manage it. It is another advantage of screen printing that you can re-use the screen after first use. So clean the screen in such a way that it does not contain any previous printing. For watching video click on following link.