Here you will learn about how to prepare screen for printing. The screen is made up of smooth mesh material which is used to applied emulsion and finally gets printing after passing through long process. The screen can absorb every kind of emulsion, if you are going to print multicolor printing then these colors will be applied separately on the screen and screen will absorb it easily. Screen has special kind of fabric in the centre attached with wooden frame. Try to use that screen with has tightly attached with the frame, otherwise loose frame will effect on the printing result. If you printed the screen one time then wash it clearly to use it again because the used screen will affect on the secondary result. The emulsion or ink is used for obtaining output print; the stencil is put on screen and fixed it with magic tape. Heavy coat of emulsion is applied on the screen in such a way that there is no space hidden without emulsion applying. To dry the screen, keep it in suitable heat pressure or in front of sunlight. After this, Enviro strip is used to wet the screen slightly. Use cardboard to squeeze the dampness from screen. It is done to enable the screen for washing easily for print. Now apply water pressure through water spray bottle and rinse the screen from top to bottom. When the printed area will be appeared then it is transferred onto the medium. It is recommended generally to wash the screen after first use because in this way you can use it again easily and it save the screen from spoiling surface. The screen printing process is being shown below representing whole process in three main features. The video link is given to watch video tutorial about this concept.

Prepare your Screen & Print