Screen printing allows you to print T-shirts, other screen printing label and stamps are some common element of screen printing. You have seen these elements in market; these elements are mostly created by wooden and other metallic object. You have learnt here about screen and its preparation. It is very easy to prepare screen for printing, still it needed enough skill and techniques for screen preparation. If you are still facing problem, then you can search for our tutorial about how to prepare screen for screen printing. Next it is required to teach you about emulsion application. In this way you will learn about screen emulsion application and with gradually setting you will reach to the final stage of printing. If you are new learner of screen printing then go back and learn all about previous concepts in our tutorial about screen printing.

How to Printing Garment

This free tutorial is about how to print garments with stenciled screen. This tutorial will also help you to find the technique about one or more color printing process. For this purpose, you should have stenciled screen yourself and then you can printing one or more color design on it. The professional screen material is screen, squeegee, drier or electric machine for exposition and colorant. This is just description about this process; actual video tutorial is linked there in the bottom side where you can see complete process of printing with multi-color design on shirt or any other medium in screen printing process.