How To Screen Print: The Tee ShirtHere you are learning about different techniques of screen printing method. You can get help from our tutorial either you are printing T-shirt, greeting card, screen printed labels and screen printed signs, and plastic, glass. We used step by step learning technique so that you don’t have to face any problem. These learning materials and tutorials are not so much lengthy. This video tutorial also contains similarity with other previous tutorials. When you print any material, it is required to dry out. The emulsion is wet at that time and you dry it with traditional method of exposing. The traditional method for exposing may be of time consumption. It is not suitable for commercial use, so you can use exposing machine for this purpose. Using exposing machine for commercial purpose, you can produce and finish your project in short period of time. Although there are many other ways for screen printing method but they are enough complicated so avoid to use them. This video tutorial is guiding you more about this technique.