This is very interesting indeed. I mean printing an image, sketch or some sort of text with single stroke but with more than one color at a time while printing with screen. You can apply this method to any type of screen printing i.e. while printing with screen on glass, cloth, leather, plastic, marble etc.

This method is in a sense an Art indeed because when you will print more than one color with single stroke you will get random results, thus your output will be worth seeing indeed. It will give your item an impact of cloudy rainbow. It will create some kind of interesting patterns on the surface of being printed item. let me show you an image of cloudy rainbow print with screen printing.


For all surfaces method will be the same. No matter what type of surface you are going to print or what type of color you are going to use.

Let’s Start printing more than one colors on the same surface with single stroke of the silk screen wiper.

Everything will be same as usual as you print and do your daily work with only difference that this time you will pour more than one colors on the screen. Just pour whichever amount you are habitual to pour on the screen but not only one color. drop three different colors with the border of screen and do not mix them up. Try to keep them as it is as they are.


So now, when you will sweep your the colors with your screen wiper, you will sweep three colors and not the only one. This is the trick ultimately you will print the same three colors and your image or text will be multicolored like a rainbow.

This method can be used everywhere, the only drawback of this method is that when you sweep several times color start to mix up with each other. Although this also make very good impressions on the surface and every printed piece is always unique by using this method of multicolor prints on on some surface with screen. At the end all colors get mixed and you finally find a totally mixed color on your print.

Try this now, Feel free to ask any question. and tell me if you need more