Secret formula used in screen printing, I am going to start a series of new tutorials here; it’s about secrets of screen printing. Many people know how to screen print a T-shirt but most of them don’t know the secret formula and tricks of this very special kind of handicraft screen printing.

Today, I am going to put a block buster formula for those who print cloths I mean who print T-shirts, hospital towels, handkerchiefs, or silk designs.


T-shirt printers use a waterproof for making their screen harder for using a water color on them because when we run water colors on screen, screen divaricates or emulsion erupts. I mean its silk erupts soon and they have to remake it for further prints. So what does waterproof do to a silk screen if we are going to run water color on it? Waterproof is a chemical which protects silk screen’s emulsion from being burst.

Many famous companies prepare this waterproof. It’s costly. One bottle of waterproof costs $10 normally, and 99.99 percent of silk screen printers or T-shirt Printers do not know what this waterproof in actual is?

This is very cheap and easy thing to do if you want to do it by yourself.

Let’s start our work now,

1. Get sulfuric acid (H2So4) 10 grams

2. Get fresh water 5 liters

3. Pour 10 grams sulfuric acid into the water


That’s it. Your pure, hard, wonderful, excellent waterproof chemical has been prepared. Use it after exposing your screen with emulsion. Now your screen will prevent the dangers of being broken while printing cloths or T shirts.

Try if and tell me if I am wrong. I have used it and sold it to industry. I got this after a long and hard work in silk screen printing. If  you get success you should write to me a little email, here is my address,

You may even prepare this simple chemical for sell purpose. Prepare it, pour it into very good labeled bottles and go to the market for selling this very precious chemical. If you are cloth screen printer you this formula will change your life forever.

In next tutorial I am going tell another chemical formula used as water proof for protecting your silk screen from being harmed by the water.

Thanks buddies!