Screen printing ink is used to make a screen print on a T-shirt and other clothing. It can be easy to give a print for the article of clothing, but it needs special ink.It is accompanied with a hardening agent and two factors such as the thinner to mix screen-printing ink. When the ingredient of these two is added, the ink is perfect for screen-printing; there is it; will become consistent. It may take time to mix screen-printing ink, but you will obtain perfect mixture after all.

Things you’ll require

1. Electronic scale
2. Mixing mug
3. Mixing stick
4. Hardener
5. Thinner

How To Mix Silk Screen Printing Inks


1. Please put an electric scale on the level surface. Please put a mixture cup on a scale to help you decide weight of the mixture that you associate with a person. Weight of the ink should be 50 grams from 40.

2. Please add at least 40 G of the ink to a mixture cup. It won’t flow out well if you put G of the ink equal to or less than 40 to the cup. I pass by adding an ink hardening agent, and please follow at 4 ratio1. Please use the mixture stick to mix ink and a hardening agent together.

3. Please add 1 size Saji. In 1/4 cups of thinner to mixture. This quantity of the thinner should be equal to 5% of general mixture. Please use the mixture stick to completely connect it.

4. Please add it when I fall down by a fall again in order that thinner people achieve suitable viscosity. The whole quantity of the thinner should be equal to 15% of the mixture. This percentage is added before in the same way and includes 5%.

5. Please rummage in mixture with a mixture stick till it is completely connected.