This tutorial will show you about how to prepare screen for screen printing. If you are at learning stage, then you don’t need to start from practical complex printing method. Be patient and learn step by step and you don’t need to use large screen for practicing, you can manage it with small screen also. Once you learnt it, then you can use it at larger scale at your own printing press workshop or in industrial uses, then you need a big screen for printing purpose. If you are printing for order or booking, then it is better to use big screen for printing because it provides you vast area for printing and you don’t need of removing emulsion again and again for new use. It also helps you to work within short time, as well as quick service.


This site is allowing you to learn screen printing process with complete guidance and useful technique. It teaches you with such skill that you learn it instantly, you can use screen printing as earning sources after learning it from this site. The screen shape may be in square shape as well as circular shape. You should have already cut piece of fabric, stretch it onto screen. To join it with screen, use glue or other material and cut it round the circle to make it perfect look. The video link is given below to show the whole process visually.