How to Make a Mantra Design For T-Shirts (2011)Learn here about how to create mantra design in T-shirt printing method. The mantra is in fact a kind of text and images related to Hindus religion. There are variety of signs and faces in Hindus religion. The method to print mantra on T-shirt is quite similar to the traditional way, there are images and other religious signs and they are easily transferred on to T-shirt. This kind of T-shirt printing is used by Indian because it depicts their religious matter. They some time print the God image on the shirts. It became trend there and other developed country to print out the shirts with their religious matter and they do not feel shame to do that. T-shirt is the garments that are wore on by man and women at the same time. Once it was used to wearing as under the shirt but now it has fulfilled the deficiency of simple Qamez. The New generation wears the T-shirt which is used recently in the latest movies and they follow the style of popular movies. The mantra can be personalized by yourself. Mantras are actually form of syllabus in the ancient period of time in India. It was based mostly with date and birth and therefore it was considered much tougher among the students. Mantra is about the history of Buddha and now it is much familiar by the historian. If you want to print mantra on your T-shirt, then don’t use any cheap or depressed wording that make sick to other. Similarly print the image that is good-looking and worth-seeing. In the following video you can see different kinds of mantra design which help you in choosing them for your T-shirt design.
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