Here you will get a new lesson about how to learn screen printing process easily.Every printer wants to make the sufficient print for your stuff especially on Tee-shirts, but didn’t imagine the cost? There are some cheap and simple way to make a fake silk screen-printed T-shirt by Illustrator, a needlework ring and a couple of tights.

There are some unusual ways to find your designs on to a Tee-shirt in screen printing. Solitary of the simplest is to employ an ink jet printer in screen printing and a unique transfer method, but there’s impressive a tad sexier about a screen-printing on Tee- shirt. Because of the cost of producing the silk screens, it’s not inexpensively viable to use silk screen-printing to create one-off Tee-shirts; if your granny died departure you luck or you have further money than intellect.

Screen Printing

So for the break of us, here’s a cheap, easy way of making a single Tee-shirts with not anything more than a plain Tee-shirt printing, PVA glue, brushes, superior screen mesh or an old couple of tights, textile paint, shears and a stitching ring.

Since you’ll be doing mainly of this through hand, it’s good to remain the design easy and only attempt complex designs for your screen stencil when you’re extra confident. It’s a complete work for end of the week because the paste and paint will get a couple of days to drying. But once you make a sufficient design, it’ll just take one hour or two to complete the Tee-shirt. The ended consequence will be an attractive hand-drawn seem, and with the silk screen makes it simple to run off your print on T-shirt.