Here you can learn about how to get design for stencil in screen printing. The techniques which used in this tutorial will help you to achieve realistic result of printing.There are a lot of methods for creating stencil in screen printing and T-shirt printing. For example, photo emulsion method, cut out method and blocking method. Here we are discussing about the last one which is blocking method.

In this process acrylic paint is used to create a stencil on the screen.In the screen printing is one of the easy way for creating stencil but is time consuming also. This free tutorial video of screen printing demonstrates how to create the stencil on the screen printing screen with acrylic paint easily and quickly using experts’ way techniques. This free tutorial video is first part of the stencil creating on screen for screen printing for complete understanding watch its other part also.

The things needed in this process of screen printing are:

Screen having a silk mesh stretched on it with maximum tension.

A piece of hard and thick chart paper,

A cutter

An acrylic paint of good quality

Paint brush of small size

A carbon paper etc

Scotch tape

For more details watch this free tutorial video of screen printing.