Learn here in this tutorial about how to make design for your own T-shirts. According to the experts, these designs belong to ones own ideas and thoughts. So it is up to user how fine he create design for his shirt. These designs can be made in Adobe Photo shop and other editing software. The easiest way for creating design is Adobe Photoshop application, otherwise you can download design from any search engine i.e. google.com. After choosing appropriate design, get print of it and then use traditional method for printing. Place this printed medium on screen and apply emulsion.

It is better to use electric printing machine which contain multiple screen frames. It offers you to print multiple t-shirts at the same time. The t-shirts should be neat and clean and pressed well. Place this shirt under the frame and when you will apply emulsion, the print will be automatically transferred on the t-hirts. The resultant image for printing design is there in this tutorial and video tutorial link is also attached with this content. Just click on this video link and see whole concept.

T-shirts Design