This tutorial of screen printing is here with some new topic of digital printing onto fabric or any other material. It is referred to the silk screen printing on smaller scale, for example if you want to print your T-shirt at home with digital words then this tutorial will guide you much more. It is expensive as compared to general custom screen printing method.

This kind of printing is printed through inkjet printers. You can use custom method also but there are not specific technical steps in this matter. The digital printing requires demanding price for this kind of printing with better performance.

This printing is less laborious with better output and because of these characteristics it is preferred upon custom screen printing method. There are many differences in digital screen printing and traditional printing process, the traditional screen printing supports no plates in this matter therefore it is failed to print the digital printing.
Inkjet and laser printers are used at first to print them for stencil. The exposing process of digital printing is a little bit different from general method. The digital images and scripts are kept in sensitive papers under proper lighting for some time. It is cost at per page because of its expensive price, and less laborious and short time.

There are many examples of digital printing in our daily life, e.g. on edible product, the products names are written in digital printing like Pepsi. The following video is describing some features about digital screen printing, so watch the video to learn more.