This is very important screen printing lesson about deconstructive method of screen printing. Screen printing is designing technique in which a screen having stencil on it can be used again and again for printing design on substrate. This screen printing technique was first introduced by the Chinese in 2000 BC and later it was spread all over the world as one of the best, cheap and excellent way for printing and designing. In the present era screen printing is billion dollars industry all over the world.

In this deconstructive style of screen printing you can screen print anything you want to screen print with just an ease and simplicity as you can imagine. This screen printing method is completely different sort of screen-printing so you do not decide anything in your mind before you watch this screen-printing video tutorial.


A screen-printing screen
Dye color one or more as you like and a container to mix the dye color
Anything as texture here it is a glove this will be you design
Substrate on which you want to screen print
Release paste which is use to release dye ink etc


    1. First of all put the glove as texture on the screen-printing screen front and then place a craft paper on the glove and then invert the screen.
    2. Now using the squeegee spread the dye color on the screen.
    3. Then dry the screen with drier and then remove the glove from it.
    4. Now place the screen upside down on the substrate and then using the squeegee coat the screen with release paste.
    5. In this way you will get a beautiful art screen printed on substrate with dye colors.

Watch this video for more details.