president and founder of Ryonet and, the industry silk screen printing supplies leader, that they are releasing a revolutionary ink that will twist the industry on it’s head. As of April 1st, 2011 Ryonet will be advertising the first completely invisible silk screen printing ink. The ink, which will be called, RyoVis, will be obtainable in 16 different colors to help satisfy all your printing wants.

Ryan Moor has been hard at work developing this hard tobe live ink for over two years. “It’s just amazing” Ryan Moor said, “It’s simple to use, incredibly smooth and opaque, virtually no hand…. This thing actually is a game changer for our entire industry.”

To develop this invisible ink, Ryonet has partnered with a European chemical company, Vanish Co. Unlimited Subsidiaries Holdings and even handedness Development Inc. Well known for its pioneering work in the field of invisible ink for pens, Vanish Co. was an essential part of the development of RyoVis.

“Sure there were a few cultural barriers to overcome when working with Vanish Co.” Ryan continued, “But it was every work it in the end. Beyond the cultural difference, the engineers at Vanish Co. weren’t used to working with textile. At first they thought that they could use the equal ink from their invisible pens and markers they sell but we speedily found out that we weren’t getting proper adhesion to the t-shirt and it was washing off. So they actually worked hard, starting from scratch to develop a plastisol based invisible ink that is truly amazing. When you work with it, it’s almost like there’s not anything there.”

The impact of this ink will be far reaching in the style industry. Considering the current trends of young adults to attempt to individualize their style it’s certain that printers will be clamoring to print with this ink. The reasoning is sound, if your peers cannot see the print you are wearing, there’s no way they can copy it. Individuality has just been elevated to a whole fresh level.

And what about the doubters? Ryan has an answer for them, “a few people have said this is an Emperor’s Clothes scenario and I can understand that if you’ve never tried it but once you’ve printed with this ink all hesitation will go out the window and you will be blown away. I guarantee it. Invisible is the new black!”

Ryan says they retail this ink for $19.95 per quart, a huge value for such an innovative product, and is available now on