Here you will get a new lesson about how to learn screen printing process easily. The silk screen printing is an especial method of printing world, which uses of a wicker mesh to hold an ink-blocking guide. The stencil attaches outlines the open place of the mesh that shift ink on the under screen surface that is to be printed. On the silk screen stencil, a squeegee or roller moves and press the ink or color on the unblocked surface. However you can print multi color one by one easily.

The silk showing or serigraph too involves screen printing. In this method of printing, the stencil technique of the print making imposes a design on the coated screen of silk or any further special mesh and the blank areas are enclosed with a resistant matter while the ink or color is put on the required printing place throughout the mesh. This technique of silk screen printing was the traditional process but at this time, it has been changed with the polyester for sufficient screen printing.

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Screen Printing Techniques Developed Through the Chinese

The screen printing techniques developed through the Chinese.  Approximately 2000 years ago, and the screen was created by human hair stretched across a timber frame. The Japanese improved it further by using the woven silk as mesh and polyester. Europe approved this skill much later as it concerned silk which was not accessible in the Europe.

The screen printing in the US became famous by artist Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe in year ’62 in the bright colors. In the year ’60, the American industrialist, creator and artist Michael Vasiltone improved and patented a rotary the different color garment. He used this move able machine to produce and print information of bowling on unusual garments but soon he turn out his mind on printing group logos and assess about silk screen and especially tee-shirts.

Print on Tee-shirts and other Garments

Businessmen and many more manufacturers approved from him in order to print on tee-shirts and other garments. After that the rotary silk screen printing machine became much popular. Then used in the screen printing manufacturing.

The silkscreen printing was improved as industrial equipment but it was approved by the artist and printers for multipurpose and since do again medium to reproduction their works. The screen printing is very famous in both the business printing material and too by artists and it is used to images printing on dissimilar mediums like Wood, Iron, Steel, Plastic, Marble, Mirror, Fabric, Cloth, Shopping bags, Glassware, Metals, Tee shirts, Capes, CD and DVD covers.

Print on Tee-shirts and other Garments

The initial silkscreen printing procedure was patented for industrial in’07 and various years later, John Pilsworth of San Francisco launched the different colors printing with parallel silkscreen. In this method, the different silkscreen places were blocked for multi colors and a colorful image was produced. This skill is popular in printing media as marriage cards, ceremony shields, symbols and posters.