Through this tutorial you are now at the final stage of ultimate clean up cards for screen printing. This method was invented by Ed long and in this way it is easy to clean up the card in easy way. Don’t worry about how to screen printing works? It is very easy to use screen for printing. The card is another useful invention for screen printing to use them for squeezing instead of squeegee. The card has solid material to clean the screen completely without any difficulties. The process is same as for the squeegee; squeegee is an important component for cleaning the screen after fist use.

The screen can be use again after first use. Hold the cards in your hand and apply it from bottom to top with such skill that all the material will be cleared. It is advantage of these cards that it has chemical resistance and can absorb the material in itself. These cards have bump on one side of it which helps you to fold the card where you think necessary, especially in the corner. With the passage of time, the screen printing is developing with modern tools and commands but still traditional method of screen printing is most favorite of most printing presses, e.g. the clean-up card. The video shows about how the clean up card clear the screen for re-use.

Final Cleaning Card for Silk Screen Printers