In screen printing, the screen is required to apply emulsion in case of printing. The chemical that is used for printing, easily avail from the market. There are different types of inks and emulsion according to the color combination and separation. The emulsion is applies with the help of scoop coater or squeegee. It is recommended that full stroke of emulsion is responsible for smooth output of printing. The scoop coater has deep inward position where the emulsion is poured off. Take powerful stroke from bottom to up position so that the screen could absorb it well. After emulsion applying, the screen is required to expose it well.

If you are regular learners of screen printing, then you will have learnt about how to apply emulsion. So find out relevant tutorial for learning screen coating emulsion.

The screen washing is also separate process in which the screen is washed out to get the desired artwork. Again the screen also exposes to dry the dampness of screen after washing. The water pressure is applied well so that the excessive emulsion removed well.

How To Prepare A Proper Screen For Emulsion