Cutting out method of stenciling for screen printing:Learn digital design preparation for screen printing. In screen printing video lesson you will learn what digital design is in screen printing and how is digital designing in screen printing is done?

Actually screen printing has evolved from very simple shape of designing method to the modern digital designing technique which has made screen printing more efficient perfect, fast and easy. The main theme behind screen printing is that repeatedly used designing method for creating same patterns on as many articles as possible.

Digital Design For Screen Printing

Old Age Screen Printing

You know that technology before last 100 years was at its initial stage and before that was no use of technology similar was the case with screen printing. In the old age screen printing was done mostly by stenciling screen with classical method. In this stenciling method stencil on the screen were created by the blocking method or preparing negative design paper with cutout technique and then using these screens for screen printing.

In this method hard paper is taken with the design to be screen printed on it, then the using cutter or knife the positive area of design is cut off sharply, then we have negative design on paper this negative is placed on screen and then stuck at a place with tape. Afterwards screen printing pass through the area of the screen which is not covered by this negative design and thus we get the design on substrate.

Old Age Screen Printing

Blocking Method:

The cutting of method though very simple but had a short coming that paper can no longer stand water resistant, or other damaging malfunction may destroy the stencil. So this Blocking technique was a way advance, in this technique a design paper is placed under the screen, then using Acrylic paint the negative area of the design visible above the screen mesh is blocked with the Acrylic paint and thus screen is ready for use and can be used again and again till the paint is removed from screen printing screen.

Blocking Method

But now a day; screen printing is billion dollars industry across the world and technology has revolutionized the process of screen printing with introduction of the Photo-emulsion paint and digital design and only this photo-emulsion screen printing process is well known across the world. For learning digital designing in screen printing you watch this video tutorial now.