Digital constructs a blot by the PrintWeek-India Awards

Canon presented the PrintWeek India Awards 2011, is attracting  openings. In this time for digital rigid to stand out, and the 3rd edition of the Awards gives a chance to showcase improvement.

India is very advance in digital printing, the Print-Week India distinguishes printers by digital print equipment to construct modern applications as well as photo memory volumes, brochures, greeting cards, short-run books, personalized calendars, personalized straight marketing campaigns and posters.

Since one of the champions of the PWI Digital Copier (Printer) of the 2011 Year said, “It is grand to be recognized like a Print-Week India victor. It has formulated our peoples feel precious, provides guarantee to customers and magnetizes future customers also.”

Digital constructs a blot by the PrintWeek-India AwardsDigital constructs a blot by the PrintWeek-India AwardsDigital constructs a blot by the PrintWeek-India Awards

The opening PrintWeek India Digital Printer of the 2009 Year Award  won by Manipal Press. Some digital print conveniences in India go away to the spans Manipal has left, to assurance quality and dependability with each and every job. 4 HP azure presses make sure seven-colors printing and elegant prints with 400gsm board and even plastic cards. Their superiority of design and creation of the entries constructed Manipal deservedly  the victor in 2009 year.

However, the digital printers who were small-listed for the openings were: Digital DMK, Printech Digital Imaging, Prints-top India and Co-mart Lithographers.

Thomson Press won the PrintWeek India Digital Printer Award of the Year 2010, was bagged through. The winning entrance integrated works as desk calendar, a menu of food, a coaster mouse pad and a manufacturing service volume. Thomson press entries arrived in for admire from the board of judges, specially the table calendar trend. This twisting-bound entry was delicately gorgeous with fantastic photos. Each and every sheet had a distinctive seem and was well-matched with generally calendar.

In these entries of Printweek India Digital Printer Awards participated Veerendra Printers, Manipal Press, Anderson Printing House and Comart Lithographers.

25 June 2011 is the final date for admission of entries for the 3rd version of PrintWeek India Digital Awards.