Screen printing of tee shirt involves many types of stenciled screen here we shall teach you tee shirt screen printing using photo emulsion coated screen. In this type of screen printing you need photographic emulsion for the stenciling screen. Photo emulsion is light sensitive colloidal solution paint.Although other polymers have been developed yet gelatin is not completely replaced.


  1. In the composition gelatin is added which jelly like colorless water soluble substance, it is used in glue photographic process such as this photographic emulsion and also in food industry.
  2. The other components of the photo emulsion are silver halide crystals which form colloidal solution with the gelatin and remain in equilibrium with the gelatin
  3. Other processes of sensitizing also use different chemicals and they are dichromated colloidal process, cyanotype and collotype these are used just for catalyzing or activating the photo-emulsion.
  4. Next is colorant for these emulsions.

But you do not need to make it at home; you can buy the photographic emulsion from silk screen supplies in the market. When your screen is ready and you want to coat it with photo emulsion make the surface of the silk mesh a little cohesive rubbing it with hard plastic brush and some kind of detergents. Watch this video and learn more about the coating process of screen with photo-emulsion for tee shirt printing.