Screen-printing: Learn How to Screen Print T Shirts At Home

How To Screen Print: Cleaning Your physical Textile Rotary Press

Now this is a screen printing lesson video about how to spotless up older or well used physical rotary screen-printing textile presses. After a few time in working with your press you will find that the press collects tee shirt lint all over it especially if you are using spray tacks to keep shirts stuck to the pallets. That causes massive spray tack over spray which gets all over your equipment specially the textile press. The best way to clean the press is discussed in this tutorial about how to do it by hand with rags and brushes.

You will also study why a compressor can help out in the cleaning process. Find out why we don’t just drag the textile press exterior and pressure washes it with soap and water. Have you bought an old used press that needs cleaning? Or are you looking to keep your investment in your gear at the highest resale value? If you answered yes to either of those questions then this video is a must to timepiece. Learn how to screen-print for fun or for profit!