This screen printing video is describing how to create excellent artwork in Photoshop for the perfect screen print on your tee shirts. In screen printing Artwork is the thing which can make your screen prints perfect or totally waste all your efforts. Now one thing to remember is that you should have a dark opaque design on the color less plastic sheet or the white paper able to make light pass through it.

In Screen printing there are many methods to create the art work for your screen prints. These methods are all applicable in screen printing. First and the oldest one is cutting out your stencil, in this technique a design is first created on the face of paper and then it is cut out of the paper with knife of paper cutter.

The negative shape of the design is place on the screen and taped to avoid the displacement. Then screen is ready to be used for screen printing there is photo emulsion involved in this method.The famous method is creating dark black opaque art work on transparent paper who could allow the light to pass through it leaving the dark opaque design area. The art work on transparent paper was previously prepared with hands but now computer graphics have made this very easy in screen printing. The perfect design with the computer graphics art works are now very easy to prepare. This video describes how to create Art work using computer graphics for screen-printing purpose.

In this free tutorial screen printing video you are going to learn how to create the Art work in Photoshop for stenciling screen printing screen. In screen-printing it is the most advance way to create art work for stenciling screen printing screen. You will learn how to create excellent art work although there are many other methods such as cutting out, blocking etc. but computer graphics method is more efficient for creating registration mark which are very small designs requiring high definition and also perfectly shaped digital designs are better than the hand made design or artwork.

In Photoshop or any other computer graphics software the final print out will be a total dark black opaque design on transparent paper or plastic sheet. For the designs like registration marks etc which are very small or have a lot of details the art work will be only effective when it is being on the screen having 1-10 mesh is larger mesh, for the high detail art work like the registration marks the screen mesh should be 230 holes per square inch of the mesh or etc. the screen mesh with this porosity can be used for high definition screen printing designs. For more details of the art work for screen-printing with the computer graphics watch this free tutorial video.