This is lesson demonstrate basic screen printing process! So from here in this screen printing video tutorial you will get basic idea of what to do in screen printing and how to do in screen printing.

In this lesson you will learn how complete screen printing process runs starting from how to prepare screen then how to coat and what to coat on screen printing screen, then how to prepare the screen printing stencil, then how to screen print our tee shirts or any substrate which is being screen printed that can be logos, badges, utensils, design articles etc.

basic screen printing process

Screen Printing First Thing

For screen printing first thing you need is a screen, in screen printing the screen is wooden or Aluminum frame on which silk or polyethylene fabric acts as screen printing screen. Screen frame provides retention, support and shape to the screen and mesh act the median through which ink is allowed to pass through certain pattern and thus a screen printing is done.

You can prepare screen frame from market or screen printing supplies or you can try the ads for buying screen printing stuff online. For preparing you screen at home you buy a frame made up of wood or aluminum and then using glue of nails stretch the mesh on the frame starting from one side and then it opposite then the others two. There should be no wrinkle or twist on the mesh when it is stretched on the screen printing frame for screen printing. It should be totally flat and smooth on the screen.

screen printing process

Now this video part will describe how to prepare and screen print designs.