This silk screen printing video tells you basic method of screen printing with reference of tee shirts silk screen-printing.

Silk Screen-printing is an old designing technique began in China about two thousands years ago. They use adopt many classical ways for Silk screen printing at that time screen-printing was called silk screening as silk was used as meshed then in late half of nineteenth century silk screen printing was brought to America where today screen-printing is billions dollars industry. Silk Screen-printing is also called as “Serigraphy.” It is used for printing art works, registration mark, labels logos, instruction notes on devices, greeting and invitational cards and many more other things. Here you will learn how tee shirts are screen printed on industrial level. It just an over view for thorough under standing watch our free silk screen-printing learning videos.

Basic Method of Silk Screen Printing

Over view of Screen printing:

(Tee shirts screen-printing)

First of all a silk or synthetic material mesh made up of polyethylene is spread uniformly on a wooden frame and it is stretched by nailing or fixing it with glue etc.

Then this screen is coated with Photo-emulsion paint, which light sensitive paint, after coating and drying a dark black art work is placed on screen and then exposed to bright light for specific time.

After exposure the screen is washed with pressure washer and then stencil is now ready.

After this screen has a negative of the design on it so then it place in screen printing press and also tee shirt under this and screen printing colorant ink is allowed to pass through it.

Your screen print is ready now you can dry this screen print with drier.

For more details of over view watch this video and learn complete screen-printing process here on this website.